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Training and opportunities


In order to meet our needs for high-quality audit and advisory services, we need qualified employees. We therefore place great emphasis on training rising talent. We do not split the training programme into separate tax advisory and audit tracks; instead, our employees receive training in both disciplines from the start.

We have learned that hands-on experience is the best way to train young talent. At our firm, young professionals in entry level positions quickly gain an opportunity to learn about our many business areas. By working closely on a team with experienced tax advisors, they learn quickly.

A flat hierarchy ensures short information and decision-making channels. Young professionals at our firm work directly with the partners. Their very high success rate – nearly 100% – on tax advisor and audit exams speaks for itself.


We offer our employees a broad range of professional opportunities and support their professional and personal growth. We provide training across multiple industries through our activity on behalf of clients from diverse sectors, interesting and challenging tasks, a pleasant work environment and long-term and secure opportunities in a successful firm.

We support continuing education for our employees and help them to prepare for professional certification exams. In order to keep our employees’ skills at a high level, we offer regular training opportunities.

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With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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