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Business advisory and appraisals

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Business advisory for companies is a traditional task of tax advisors and auditors. Many decisions involving business operations have direct or indirect tax implications. Meanwhile, the impact of tax structuring on business operations must also be taken into account, since it seldom makes sense to use every conceivable tax advantage if the end result is unreasonable business decisions.

Through our extensive experience advising a large number of Mittelstand companies, we are very familiar with the business issues and challenges facing these companies.

Clients on the receiving end of business advice often have a hard time judging the success or failure of the advice or the costs and benefits because the issues at stake are typically open-ended. As advisors, we must therefore continuously subject our own activity to critical questioning. Questions surrounding the utility or individual practicality of the envisaged concept are therefore just as important to us as the underlying economics.

We support you

  • Integrated company planning
  • Business analysis
  • Sector comparisons
  • Company comparisons
  • Presentation and analysis of key figures
  • Advice on company acquisitions and disposals and participation in the negotiations
  • Advice on company joint ventures
  • Investment and economic feasibility calculations
  • Advice on the establishment and development of business accounting
  • Financial advisory and planning that includes tax considerations
  • Economic feasibility analyses
  • Internal audit advisory
  • Restructuring and turnaround advisory
  • Company appraisals
  • Expert opinions
  • Appraisals for various other circumstances
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