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Do you need an audit?

We offer auditing through our affiliated audit firm DR. WOELKE AG. In addition to the traditional audit scope of separate and consolidated financial statements, our audit services include a variety of other audits as well as audit-related advisory services.

As regards audits, the credibility and dependability of our audit opinions form the basis of the trust we earn. When selecting an audit approach, we therefore focus on the particular features of the respective audit assignments. We make any knowledge or insights that we gain through the audit process available to our clients through our advisory services and reporting.

As part of our targeted data processing approach, we use specialised auditing software to rapidly process and audit large volumes of data. Within the scope of our professional capabilities, we provide our clients with proposed solutions to optimise their processes or address weaknesses.

As a Herford-based audit firm, naturally we offer our services beyond our region.

Our services

  • Audit of separate and consolidated financial statements, for all legal forms of companies and satisfying requirements set forth by statute or articles of association or on a voluntary basis
  • Audits based on German and international accounting standards
  • Audit of internal control systems
  • Implementation of IT systems audits
  • Implementation of quality controls in accordance with §57a of the German Auditors Code (WPO) (Peer Review)
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