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We strive to provide our clients with effective, practical solutions that ensure their long-term economic success. Because we work mostly with long-term clients, we emphasize the importance of sound advice and strong personal relationships. We earn our clients’ trust and affirm our commitment to high-quality advisory services by adhering to certain fundamental principles:



Our firm’s brochures provide a quick overview of our extensive tax, economic and and legal services as well as our business management consulting.

Client focus

We value each client highly. We do not treat any client as just one among many. The basis for our successful collaboration is a relationship built on mutual trust through close personal contacts. We listen closely to the client’s concerns and are always personally available to each client. We feel a sense of personal responsibility for any client that we take on.


One stop for advice and solutions

This continuity of our advisory service also provides us with the necessary knowledge to take into account special circumstances in any client relationship and achieve the best possible individual advisory outcome.

In our view, the concept of “one-stop advisory” is not an empty promise but a comprehensive commitment to providing sound advice on complex issues.

Practical solutions

The success of our advisory services depends on the suitability of our proposed solutions and their practical implementation. We also place great emphasis on the fact that our clients need to understand at least the key components of our proposed solutions. We therefore keep any theoretical discussions to a bare minimum and avoid technical jargon as much as possible.

We view the substance of our advice and its tangible benefits for our clients as more important than its elaborate presentation. We therefore strive to come up with the simplest and most effective solutions.


Advisor to Mittelstand companies

We have always focused our efforts on providing comprehensive advisory services to Mittelstand companies, to which we feel a particular affinity. In that sense, we define a Mittelstand company by its entrepreneurial approach, management’s sense of responsibility for the company and employees and a high degree of individuality and flexibility. These are the decisive factors for business success. Size is not the primary criterion in determining whether a company is in the Mittelstand category.

Through our many years of experience advising Mittelstand companies, we know where the problems typically lie for our clients. We speak the same language and understand the business owner’s concerns.

Our role as “Advisor to Mittelstand companies” is therefore not just a trendy slogan but a proven reality since the inception of our firm.


Conservative and innovative

A key basic principle of our advisory service is perhaps best summed up by this apparent contradiction.

We are open to new developments and creative solutions, but we do not necessarily chase after every new fad. In our view, sound advice also requires a certain degree of continuity. New approaches should only be adopted when they offer advantages over the old ones.

Against a backdrop of increasingly frenetic legislation in recent years, we have found it prudent to keep certain developments in perspective and not get caught up in the same whirlwind when offering advice.


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With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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