In the tax advisory area, we offer our clients a comprehensive range of services. They range from support and advice on fulfilling tax obligations to representing the interests of our clients before authorities, courts or other third parties to structuring arrangements that guide tax-efficient decision-making.

We can also provide expert opinions on tax issues upon request.

Regular tax advisory

Regular tax advisory includes the processing of all one-off or recurring tax issues. In that regard, we can perform all tasks, as needed, from balance sheet and tax return preparation to representing the interests of our clients before tax authorities in tax appeals and tax court cases.

To the extent we gain any tax structuring insights through our regular tax advisory activity, we of course submit appropriate proposals to our clients. We also keep our clients apprised of all tax law developments.


We help our clients prepare for key decisions at the company or private level through comprehensive tax structuring advice. We work with you to find the tailored solution that fits your individual needs and best interests. Providing timely advice creates the greatest opportunities to minimise the tax burdens.

In order to address each client’s own particular situation, we stress the importance of individualised advice. Standard “off-the-shelf” solutions rarely achieve the desired outcome.

If the client so requests, we can prepare all required contracts and shareholder resolutions.